Branding Consultant & Creative Graphic Design Jakarta


You can’t choose to have an identity or not. As soon as you put up a sign, start an advertising, create a website or business card, you have an identity. The only question is whether you take control of it and build a strong brand.


Located in Jakarta – Indonesia. Komunikasia Cato Brand Partners can help you to create, develop, build and maintain your Corporate Brand. We can make a graphic design and packaging design for products and services section of your business plan.

We offer services in Digital Agency, Advertising Agency, Branding Agency, Creative Agency, Graphic Design and Branding Consultant. You can see all of our portfolios that we have worked on, or you can contact us if you have questions or want to work with us.

We make your business, marketing, and advertising strategy visible!

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We do this by building your brand recognition. Instantly!

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How your story built through our branding and graphic design?

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Our agency service will utilise all available resources for your brand

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