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The strategy sets up a strong foundation, while Imagination is to differentiate. In 2005 PT Komunikasia and Cato Brand Partners expanded successfully into the Asia market to harness emerging opportunities within the region. Leveraging our experiences gained in Australia, we believe that Indonesia is a strong and emerging market and therefore have established an office in Jakarta to service our clients from a local perspective.

Komunikasia & Cato Brand Partners is managed by Gunawan Candra, who brings over 10 years of branding experience and a piece of strong local knowledge.

Graduating with first-class honours from one of Australia’s best design degrees at Swinburne University in 2000, and being a recipient of the Citation Award from Design Institute Australia, Gunawan is respected for his strategic design and brand management skills. A trained designer with a thorough understanding of design and identity processes, his experience in managing and implementing corporate brands in the region has earned him a reputation for the successful delivery of diverse projects. 

As Cato Partners’ Indonesian Director, Gunawan's intimate understanding of the Indonesian marketplace and his cultural empathy position him uniquely to offer our clients invaluable project, market, and cultural advice and direction. Being on the ground in Jakarta, he will be the Project Director and immediate point of contact.

Why choose an Advertising Agency Jakarta like Komunikasia?


We make your business, marketing, and advertising strategy visible!

In today's networked world, messages and experiences are passed to one another almost instantaneously. All information, experiences, and information are Broadcast live and online. In this new environment of radical transparency, brands must emotionally connect like never before.

At Komunikasia Cato Brand Partners we help our clients build these connections through culturally relevant stories, innovations, and inspiring experiences that are authentically powerful, and lasting. Komunikasia is one of the best advertising agency Jakarta and Indonesia.

We do this by building your brand recognition. Instantly!

There are over 3000 books on branding on Amazon, and this number by tomorrow will likely increase. No one has the time to read even 2% of that selection. And honestly, No one needs to. 

Brand is the perception someone holds in their head about you, or a product, service, organization, cause, or idea. It can be negative, positive, or somewhere in between. Therefore a brand is a story, it's a story about your company, your product and everything within its entity.

How is your story built through our branding and graphic design?

Each company starts with a set of beliefs. Reasons why consumers will engage with them. We mix this reason through our design and printing and bring it with our advertising agency Jakarta. These must be made visible to create opportunities for your Brand, today!

Our agency service will utilize all available resources for your brand

No marketing budget is ever enough nor is it the sole job of marketing. It is possible to extend brand exposure by enabling operational expenditures to also become additional brand development resources.

Every brand has multiple stakeholders. Each has their own agenda, needs, and expectations of the brand. It is essential that it connects with all community groups, not just those who purchase.  

Need help building a strong brand identity for your business?

Komunikasia as a consultant branding Jakarta is ready to assist you in building a strong brand identity for your business. What are you waiting for, contact us immediately and consult with the experts right now!


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We are an advertising agency full of creativity, strategy, and innovation. As a leading advertising agency Jakarta, we are committed to helping your business reach peak levels in marketing and branding.

Don't let advertising opportunities for your business pass you by. Contact us today for further discussion about how we can help you grow your business for the better. Together with our advertising agency Jakarta, we will create an extraordinary and successful advertising strategy that will take your brand to the next level.

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