Beyond Trademark!

Posted : 09 March 20224

‘You may know me... But you have no idea who I am...’


By Kenneth Cato

Continuously expanding and competitive marketplaces littered with look-alike services and products that have similar if not identical features, benefits and stories have made it increasingly difficult for brands to be distinguished from their competitors.

Often it is left to one of the more minor visual elements to signal that recognition—the company or product trademark.

This behaviour assumes there will be sufficient interest in the message that will compel people to discover who is trying to communicate with them. In a time-poor world, this is a difficult task.

What if the equation could be reversed? What if the visual language automatically signalled the brand's identity and spoke more expansively about its personality and story?

It’s possible!

What’s required is a highly different set of associated visual characteristics. A Broader Visual Language: Ownable visual cues and clues that instantly identify the brand and reinforce its personality. The broader visual language structure brings with it significant benefits.

What Can You Do?


> Immediately it increases the brand footprint providing more opportunities to be seen.

> It maximises existing budgets by engaging operational resources not automatically recognised as brand-building resources.

> Its wider range of visual tools allows the brand to express more fully its personality and story.

> Its systems involve mechanisms to more directly address pertinent messages to diverse stakeholder groups.

> It is a responsive resource when change needs to be demonstrated, allowing the brand ability to move with the market or product development without direct reference to the trademark.

> It provides a central library of renewable resources providing visual brand tools that can unlock creative responses for all parts of the company.

> It can liberate those who feel constrained by the stringent principles of the trademark application guidelines.

> It allows the brand to be recognised, not just read.

> It provides the ability to individualise products, services or divisions of the company. Allowing them the opportunity to maximise their own agendas while complying with the trademark guidelines and remaining as part of one brand.

> It allows the corporate presence in circumstances where the trademark cannot be applied.

> It provides an opportunity to renew brand messages or address new agendas with an already established and recognised voice.

Build your identity to be visible and identifiable brand languages that provide a maximum opportunity of being recognised and tell the stories in languages of their own, use Broader Visual Language and Design By Thinking and be recognised. With the help of a trusted branding consultant in Jakarta like us, KOMUNIKASIA is ready to help you make it happen.


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