How we work with you

Posted : 28 November 20144

A team with strategic experience and an in-depth understanding of brands will work closely with you.

At Cato Brand Partners, we form the creative hub of strategists, designers, account managers and support staff. We always offer our clients our most experienced team actively led by our principals.

Our Chairman and Global Creative Director, Ken Cato, will lead the team, supported by Indonesian Partner, Gunawan Candra. Based in Jakarta, Gunawan will provide valuable, strategic Indonesian market advice and cultural direction, as well as being the main point of contact and liaison. He will also provide immediate, on-the-ground liaison and support. Brand strategy will be provided by our Global Strategic Director, Peter Wilson. The creative tasks, directed by Ken Cato, will be led by our Senior Designer.

As priorities increase, the core team will draw on our experienced and substantial additional resources.