WHAT & WHY to brand?

Posted : 09 March 20224

Written by our chairman, Kenneth Cato

For the past 50 years, the purpose of building brands hasn’t really changed much, but the processes to maximise their usage have evolved significantly. There is now a broader selection of tools with which to communicate and develop compelling stakeholder connections and establish distinct brand recognition.

Some of these tools have been uniquely developed as a response to a particular need, a shift in the marketplace or a discovered brand opportunity. As the power of brands and the opportunities for their application have become better understood there has been an emergence of diverse and sometimes confusing terminology.

To successfully develop brands for organisations, companies, events, destinations, products and services there needs to be an agreed common terminology in order to understand milestones that establish the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of a brand. These yardsticks require reflection during the brand-building process to ensure all stakeholders share a common understanding and agreed objectives. While some of the terminology may produce some confusion it shouldn’t be mystifying nor should it be hidden inside pseudo-scientific processes. It’s objective should be to provide clarity, achieved through analysis, creativity and viewed from a number of different perspectives, while drawing on the experiences, mistakes and successes of others. At Cato, our own experiences have led to the terminology and viewpoints presented in this journal. Contact us and be part of our branding & creative agency jakarta clients at Komunikasia Cato Brand Partners


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