Cato Brand Partners Collaborates With Nojorono to Create a Stonger Brand

Posted : 31 October 20144

The Partnership with Nojorono Tobacco, We Have Created a Stronger Brand


Pt. Nojorono Tobacco is the fifth largest cigarette manufacturer in Indonesia. Today, the Cigarette market is becoming more and more saturated with many new competitors, who all have the same approach to communication.

Despite strict government regulations, Nojorono wants to reposition and re-establish its image as a major player in the marketplace and therefore gain more brand awareness. After years of communicating in the same manner as each of its competitors, Nojorono now seeks a new and innovative communication strategy. Our branding consultant Jakarta is also open the collaboration business with everyone else.

Besides that, the ability to create concepts for the right advertising campaigns is expected to bring changes to cigarette products from Nojoro Tobacco. We are indeed known as one of the advertising agency Jakarta that have assisted various companies in creating, conceptualizing, designing, running and overseeing advertising campaigns for various businesses from companies in Indonesia. Whether it's for product or service advertising campaigns offered.


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