First Green Commercial Development In Eastern Indonesia

Posted : 25 April 20224

Our First Commercial Development Project in Eastern Indonesia with NIPAH


Komunikasia as a branding consultant Jakarta was appointed to manage NIPAH in Makassar, the first commercial complex from Kalla Inti Karsa. We develop a comprehensive brand strategy and establish a compelling story through visual identity creation that easily recognizes and conveys the idea of NIPAH as green development with a laid-back atmosphere at the centre of the modern city lifestyle. PT Kalla Inti Karsa in Makasar is known as the First green commercial development in eastern Indonesia. We are glad to have helped PT Kalla Inti Karsa and also pleased with their trust, with one of our good clients.

As a branding and advertising agency Jakarta, we are always ready to help each of our clients to build and develop their business in a better direction. So, what are you waiting for, don't hesitate to contact the Komunikasia team.


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