Komunikasia: Educating Market About The Real Luxury Living with Intiland Surabaya

Posted : 31 October 20144

Intiland Surabaya and Komunikasia Promote Educating Market About The Real Luxury Living


Intiland is always known for its thorough understanding of creating good designs to accommodate Indonesia's tropical climate in every detail of its projects. Each project development intends to create a sensible living space for its tenants, nature and urban planning. A lot of customers rarely take into consideration the importance of the true meaning of living luxuriously when it decides on buying properties. They often are driven by physical luxury, eg: facade design, Height of tower, Private Lift, etc.

Komunikasia Cato Brand Partners together with Intiland committed to educating its target market on the real meaning of living luxuriously through campaigns of several projects in Surabaya. Our expertise in good advertising campaigns is expected to be the right media for educating every target market of the company's business. As one of the advertising agency Jakarta that is known to be reliable in terms of the right advertising campaigns for various types of industries, we are ready to help Intiland.

If you are interested and want to provide education on the products or services of your company's business, don't hesitate to contact your advertising branding consultant Jakarta Komunikasia Cato Brand Partners.

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