Cato Brand Partners: Instant Recognition and Stronger Brand Presence for GarudaFood

Posted : 31 October 20144

Cato Brand Partners has been appointed by GarudaFood, one of the largest Consumer Goods producers in Indonesia to rejuvenate their current brand strategy and create stronger presence and instant recognition throughout GarudaFood Brands. As one of the best brand consultant Jakarta, we believe our clients are most of the most precious things to us and how to best brand our clients is our purpose.

For those of you who want to build your brand to be bigger and better known by your potential customers, we suggest that you ask for help from an expert such as a branding agency such as Komunikasia Cato Brand Partners. Not only to build a brand image in the community, but brand consultants can also assist in terms of your business advertising campaign. Like the Komunikasia Cato Brand Partners who is not only known as the best brand consultant in Indonesia but is also often asked to conceptualize and run advertising campaigns. Because Komika is also known as one of the advertising agency Jakarta that has helped many companies in terms of advertising campaigns.


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